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"Corpulent Corpses" - Fatty Burster

...And when Bursters are close enough,  they simply stop trying to keep their  corpses together and disintegrate  in an explosion of gas, gore, and pus.  No one wants to die like that!
- Zombicide

Hello one and all! Welcome back to The Art of Caesura!
We've begun our look at the baddies of Zombicide: Green Horde. So far we've seen the orc necromancer, and last week's creepy Vault Warden. Today we have some enemies with truly grotesque rules and models: The Fatty Bursters!

These fatties came in the box of Kickstarter Exclusives and have a fun unique game mechanic. If you manage to kill one, it explodes killing pretty much everything else in its zone.
So far my wife and I have only managed to line up one epic combo kill with these Fatty Bursters, but my, was it satifying! Eleven (from Stranger Things) had a spell that let her "Force push" enemies away from her, so she managed to pile up a few zombies in one zone where we were lucky enough to pop a Fatty Burster. It left qui…
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"Guardian of a Glittering Prize" - Vault Warden

...The towering Vault Warden is very likely  to tear you limb from limb,  and the chances of you killing  this horned beast are almost nil.  But this Abomination has access to secret vaults,  and it often finds priceless weapons in them...

Hello one and all, and welcome back to another Friday on The Art of Caesura!
I hope you all had a great Canada Day yesterday, and are still drunk on maple syrup!
Last week we looked at one of Zombicide: Green Horde's dreaded necromancers, and this week we're peering into the gloom to see one of the game's scariest enemies: The Vault Warden.

In this game, when drawing a card to bring new enemies on to the board, there is always a chance that you might bring in an Abomination. These enemies are absolutely brutal. Not only can they kill your guys with one hit (ignoring armour!) but the normal weapons that you start with can't even hurt these monsters! Better hope your aim with the trebuchet is good...

The base game comes with one of the…

"They Caused All of This" - Orc Necromancer

"My commands shall echo forever in their dusty skulls"

- Xathrid Necromancer (MtG)

Hello and welcome back to The Art of Caesura!

Last week we took a little break from our Zombicide: Green Horde coverage to look at Painting Tutorials that I have found useful. This week we're right back at it and cracking into the baddies of Zombicide: Green Horde.

The boss of the baddies (but by no means the scariest - that spot is reserved for the abominations) are the Orc Necromancers. When they appear on the board, they bring a new spawn zone with them (meaning they invariably spawn with a few other gribblies). 

Call me traditional, but I like my orcs green, so I wasn't a huge fan of the box art for the Orc Necromancers which painted them with a mauve skin-tone. When I painted this guy, the only green paint that I'd ever owned was Warboss Green (well, and its "Goblin Green" precursor) both are quite pure greens, and I have found that I could mix most other greens I might d…

Comma-Community - Painting Tutorials

Dear friends of the Caesura - far and near,

Today we are going to take a brief intermission from all of our Zombicide: Green Horde coverage to welcome our second ever Comma-Community post. You may recall, that our first such post venerated the illustrious, and very community minded, 2 Ps. While I will be applauding other individuals for their contributions to the hobby community in future Comma-Community posts, today I want to spread the net a bit wider and share with you some of the great people in the community whose tutorials I have used, that focus on the area of the hobby that most interests me: painting miniatures. 

I have emphasized in the past that this blog is intended to be a fun break from the worries of the world. Sometimes however, wholly distracting ourselves from global issues is not the correct course to take. Racism, whether it be casual or aggressive, is its own pandemic. While our attention has rightfully been drawn back to this issue by the recent atrocities in the S…

"Not So Secret Weapon" - Trebuchet

Roses are red, ale's drunk in litres trebuchets fire rocks over 300 metres.
- Adapted from internet memes

Hello fellow Caesurians! Welcome back to our weekly post on The Art of Caesura!
We've been looking at a bunch of the survivors from Zombicide: Green Horde over the past few weeks. We've had: Rolf, the barbarian; Berin, the DwarfSeli, the elf; andJohannes the engineer
Today we're going to look at their best friend: The Trebuchet.

In the game, the trebuchet is epic. It can kill up to 6 guys with ONE SHOT!! It is also capable of killing a few fatties or one abomination (which are the scariest zombies, that can kill your dudes with one hit!). If, however, you fire it in a spot that contains one of your survivors, any misses automatically hit your guy! See Rolf. RIP. 

When I first saw this miniature I noticed that it is so highly textured, that it would lend itself really well to being painted with Contrast Paints. I decided to set myself a speed painting challenge and try …