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"Endless Gnawing" - Broodmother - Part 2

The massive body of a Broodmother  steps into the clearing, her great head of rotten fur  and gnawing teeth  rolls toward you  with ravenous hunger as her eyes meet yours. ~ Oathsworn   Welcome back, one and all, to The Art of Caesura! I am well rested from a wonderful birthday last week . But, for today's post I ask you to cast your mind back to 2 weeks ago when we looked at painting the first boss in the epic board game Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood: The Broodmother! Today, we're going to look at an atmospheric showcase of The Broodmother and her baby Giant Rats! At this point, my wife and I have now beaten Chapter 1 and were fortunate to vanquish the Broodmother without taking any casualties. Don't worry, if you haven't had a chance to play it yet, I won't give any spoilers in this post. In fact, let's just let the pictures do the talking! There she is! The Broodmother! What an epic first boss to fight in this board game; and an appropriately epic "minia
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My Birthday!

Howdy howdy howdy! Welcome back to The Art of Caesura! And what an auspicious day you've joined me on: My Birthday! So, happy birthday to me! Last year was the first year that I actually marked my birthday on the blog with a dedicated post. After celebrating the blog's birthday for 7 years(!), and my daughters' in recent years, I though it was high time to mark mine with a wee post. For some Art of Caesura trivia: this year is only the second time since the blog's inaugeration ( back in 2016! ) that my birthday has fallen on a Friday - the day these posts come out! Plus, last week's MASSIVE post has me plum tuckered, so today let's just eat cake.  Thank you all for joining me for these birthday celebrations.  I'll see you next week for more hobby goodness on The Art of Caesura! Watching: 1899 (Netflix) Reading: 12 Red Herrings - Jeffrey Archer Next Week:  The last of the rats...

"Leader of the Pack" - Broodmother - Part 1

Great King Rat was a dirty old man And a dirty old man was he Great King Rat - Queen   Hello Oathsworn, Friends of the Caesura! Today's post is a monumental one. As I write this, I have just finished popping my logo on all FIFTY SEVEN photos! I would usually have split a post as mammoth as this one into 3 separate posts, so as not to overwhelm you, dear reader; but I want to keep the Oathsworn momentum going while the buzz from the recently funded Kickstarter is still active. So, today we're painting THE BROODMOTHER!! This model is one of the poster-boys of Oathsworn. It is the first boss in the game and as such is the only one that people can show off and discuss without the need for a spoiler warning. It is also on the game's box art.  Before we begin, I want to repeat what I had said about my painting goals for Oathsworn. I want to get these models done efficiently to a level that I am happy with . I got this lovely lady done in under 4 hours and I'm pretty happy wit