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"The Unkindness" - Escher Gang I

We hold our heads up to the sky
And know that we will never die
As long as we stand side by side
As long as we can see the ravens fly!

Ravens fly! Ravens fly!

Raven's Flight - Amon Amarth

Hi guys and gals! It is time, once again, for The Art of Caesura!

This week marks the beginning of a project that I've been working away on in the background for the past few weeks, my first Necromunda gang: The Unkindness!

I feel like I have so much to say and show you, so I'm going to split it over a few weeks to try to get it all out. Today we'll start with the first three gangers I've painted.

I have this strange affinity to Necromunda. I've still never played it and these are the first models I've painted for it (aside from the terrain, here and here), but I love the lore and the aesthetic and the idea of the rules. I like skirmish, campaign-style games where your dudes grow and change and die; the stakes are higher and you feel more connected to each character. 

Before startin…
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The Full Stop - Mortal Kombat

- Mortal Kombat
Happy Friday on the Art of Caesura!
I hope you all have plans for a good weekend ahead. Once again, I'm starting a new job on Monday, so looking forward to that with equal parts excitement and trepidation...okay, more parts excitement!
Just this week I finally "beat" Mortal Kombat X. I know, I know, it's been out for a good few years at this stage, but you know me, I flit between different entertainment sources. When I say "beat" I don't just mean the story mode (pah-leease, I beat that on opening weekend!) I mean beat the traditional towers (and thus unlocked the ending cinematic) as every single character (including DLC)! This felt like a bit of an accomplishment, but also gave me the idea to have a little look at where Mortal Kombat has come from, and what makes it so great! So hold on to your heads for this Full Stop - Mortal Kombat.

Long time readers might remember from The Full Stop - Hellboy, that these posts are not meant t…

"Mustering the Horde!" - Battle For Skull Pass Grots

Welcome, fellow hobby enthusiasts, to The Art of Caesura!

Today we are both carrying on the goblin theme of last week's post and starting something a new...

As I've mentioned in recent times, I got the goblin-half of The Battle for Skull Pass when it first released in 2006 and have never got around to painting it. Well, with the release of Contrast Paints, all that is about to change!

Unfortunately, the only spanner in the works is that after pre-ordering them over a month ago, most of my Contrast Paints still haven't arrived yet! Apparently they're due to arrive late next week. My plan is to use Plaguebearer Green for their skin (with maybe a couple highlights on their faces and fists) and Black Templar for their robes (hopefully without highlights, but we'll see) over a Grey Seer undercoat. I'll still paint their weapons and details with "conventional" paints. Unperturbed, I began the daunting process of getting all 73 MINIATURES ready for painting. 


"Sinister and Crazed" - Forge World Grot Shaman

Night Goblin Shamans are sinister and crazed individuals,  due to their consumption of huge quantities  of the powerfully hallucinogenic fungus  for which the Night Goblins are renowned.
- Forge World

Greetings and Welcome to The Art of Caesura!
Today we're shifting gears from all of the Hellboy: The Board Game coverage that we've had in recent times. 

Like any good hobbiest, I have a ton of unpainted models lying around the place. Much of my unpainted collection is made up of Orcs and Goblins (my original love from Warhammer Fantasy, before I joined the Skyfleets of the Kharadron Overlords

As I said in my post about the new Contrast Paints (which, excitingly has now had well over 10 000 views!), I am looking forward to using these paints to get through my old Night Goblins (Moonclan Grots) from the Battle of Skull Pass box-set. At the time of painting the model the Contrast Paints had not quite been released yet.

I also wanted to get used to the idea of using the Contrast Paint styl…

"Storm the Castle" - Behemoth and Amon Amarth Concert

And when it is time, please bring me
To the Allfather's hall...

Valkyria ~ Amon Amarth

Come one and all, back to the safe confines of The Art of Caesura!

We're going to abruptly shift gears this week from our look at Hellboy: The Board Game over the past few weeks, to a metal gig that I attended this week. I've attended a few awesome gigs already this year: Flight of The Conchords and The Decemberists. Somehow, I missed cataloging them here - which is a real shame because they were some amazing experiences and I am often trying to expand the blog's breadth. So, I wasn't about to let this one slip by.

When I first heard that Amon Amarth were coming to Limerick (a mere two hours away from me), I was pretty much sold. When I heard that the gig was in King John's Castle - the deal was sealed. 

Let's take a few steps back. Amon Amarth, for the soon-to-be converted, are a melodic death metal band from Sweden. Their name comes from the Sindarin name for Mount Doom from …