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"Uniquely Portable Magic" - Reading V.1.0

How well he's read, to reason against reading! - Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost , act1, sc.1, l.94. Hello one and all and welcome back to The Art of Caesura! Today we're focusing on a theme that is quite near and dear to this blog, even though it rarely reaches the limelight - instead being hidden down at the end of each blog post: reading! My undergraduate degree was in English Literature and at that time I would read at least two books per week. Now I'm lucky to finish a book every two months. I'm still always reading something - and usually a few somethings concurrently, as I often illustrate in the "reading" section at the end of most blog posts. I do have an annual post devoted to books in the form of my Autumn Reading List , but today's post it a little different.  This week I want to focus on the classic joy of reading physical paper books and ways to pursue that joy. I will quickly add that I do not have anything against e-reading; inde
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Life Update - April 2021

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born  and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain   Hello and welcome to another scintillating week of The Art of Caesura! Every so often I like to inject a bit of the "life" into my "Happy blog of Life and Hobbies in the South West of Ireland". Previously I would have used some of these non-miniature-based posts to talk about the various hikes we would be going on. But between constant lock-downs, not being able to travel beyond 5km from our homes for the past eternity, as well as having a young child, we haven't really been going on many hikes.  So I though I would take a moment just to give you a peek behind the curtain at what's going on in the Life of Caesura! If you can believe it, my daughter , Saoirse, is now 21 months old! My gorgeous wife is pregnant with our second child (and is already over half way through her pregnancy)!  In addition to my regular job, I have taken on a lecturing posit

"Once More Unto the Breach!" - Sarge

The Sarge has seen it all before, and killed most of it too. He's the definition of a grizzled veteran. Nothing surprises him, and everyone looks to him for support and leadership. If you need a Hero between you and trouble, Sarge is your man. - Mythic Games Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of The Art of Caesura! Today marks the 15th week of Reichbusters content here on the blog - almost a third of a year! Whenever I start in on a painting project I never really know how far it's going to carry me. Sometimes I get mega excited about something, and after painting a few models feel "okay, I've scratched that itch now" only to be distracted by something else. I never force myself to paint anything in particular (probably one of the only benefits of not having a regular gaming group - that I never feel pressured to paint any one thing). That means that I can paint something for as long (or short) as it holds my interest and I'm still excited about it, th

"Eensy and Weensy" - Tracking Bombers

'Cause I've done it before, And I can do it some more, I've got my eye on the score, I'm gonna cut through the floor, It's too late, It's too soon, Or is it Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick...boom!  Tick Tick Boom - The Hives Welcome back to The Art of Caesura! My, oh, my we have had a lot of Reichbusters content this year. In fact, I'd say it might just be the game that has enjoyed the most consecutive weeks of content on the blog thus far! Zombicide: Green Horde would be close, but I'd say Reichbusters just ekes out a win! For those of you who prefer the variety that I usually bring to the blog, fear not. My hobby butterfly eye that I usually bring to these projects is already beginning to flit around and there are more exciting things coming soon (even though I still haven't painted the models required for the first mission of Reichbusters, and still haven't even played a game of it yet!) Anyway, without getting ahead of ourselves, let'

"Like a Brick Wall" - Brick

He's big, he's dangerous, and he's not smart enough to understand fear. - Mythic Games   It's Friday! It's time for The Art of Caesura! Today we're looking at one of the poster boys of Reichbusters, it's Brick! This guy is the classic action hero - wielding two Vickers machine guns ( which apparently required a 6- to 8-man team to operate ) as if they were pistols! And as if that wasn't awesome enough, apparently one is loaded with armor piercing ammo while the other has explosive rounds! He's not subtle, but he sure will make a dent in a horde of zombies, or anything for that matter! After cleaning the (minimal) mold lines, I drilled out his gun barrels before giving him a nice soapy bath to remove any mold-release fluid residue.  I painted him similarly to Brad , but actually painted him efficiently this time - not in the hodge-podge order that I painted Brad in for some reason.  Starting from a black undercoat, I base coated his skin with several

"Alarum!" - Alarm Token

I heard a siren from the docks Saw a train set the night on fire I smelled the spring on the smoky wind Dirty old town Dirty old town Ewan MacColl ( popularized by The Pogues ) It's Friday, The Art of Caesura time! Last week we had a look at the dog tags for Reichbusters: Projekt Vril and we had a chat about some of the game mechanics. To briefly re-cap, the first half of most missions is the "Pre-alarm phase" where your crack A-Team can sneak around, rifling through dossiers, slitting throats, all that good stuff.  Eventually the alarm will sound - it might be due to too many guns a blazing, or due to a passing patrol spotting you, or just to running low on time.  Once the alarm does sound, mayhem ensues. So, for such a pivotal game mechanic, it's nice to have a little miniature representation of the alarm.  From a Leadbelcher base coat I used a few Contrast Paints to give a coloured metallic look to the model.  I painted the brass parts with Snakebite Leather, the