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"For He is an Orphan Boy" - Major Dreadful - Part 2

After the wars had subsided  and the Major was no longer needed abroad,  he returned to London and joined the police force.  His experience and reputation were enough  to earn him a spot on the riot repression brigade,  a perfect position for a man  who had been missing the joy of cracking heads.   - CMON Hello again and welcome back to The Art of Caesura! Today we're picking up from where we left off two weeks ago with The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch's Major Dreadful.  As I mentioned in last week's post: I really love this model; I just think he's hilarious and brimming with character - as are many of the miniatures from this game.  I added a few little hightlights and painted the flames since last week's post and I think he came together quite nicely.  Have you played Rise of Moloch? Have you used Major Dreadful? Let us know how you got on in the comments below.  See you next week on The Art of Caesura! Watching: Master Chef Ireland Listening: BS without the BS
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400th Post!!!!

  Hello and welcome back to The Art of Caesura! And what an auspicious day it is today (or, more accurately, 3 weeks ago!). That's right, while we were glowing in the warmth of the flaming zombies, the blog's 400th post crept sneakily by! So today is actually the 404th post! 404 Error indeed! Anyway, it didn't escape us completely, and so today we shall celebrate this centennial as we have the last 3 - by looking at 100 images that show off what I have been up to on the blog since the 300th post  - almost 2 years ago! Eagle-eyed viewers might even catch a glimpse of something yet to come... Thank you, as always, for tuning in for the past 400 posts! I had better not forget the 500th post in a couple of years - that seems like a biggie! See you next week on The Art of Caesura! Next Week: For my military knowledge, though I'm plucky and adventury...

"Modern Major General" - Major Dreadful - Part 1

Advancements in technology have made it  so that wars are fought largely by automatons,  keeping living humans out of harm’s way.  However, Major Dreadful has never been one  to shy away from a good dust up. -  CMON Welcome back, one and all, to your weekly dose of The Art of Caesura! This is a monumental week for me outside of the blog. This week I finally started the job that I have been soul-searching about for the first half of this year. Regular readers will have noticed that I started most of my posts during the first half of this year with philosophical meanderings, quotes about living a fulfilled life and general ponderings not specifically related to the miniatures at hand. This was an overflow of my meditating on various books that I was reading and deep introspection I was having regarding a significant change in job. I finally came to a decision several months ago, but this week is my first in this new role. Because I am, necessarily, writing this in the past, I wish my fut

Birthdays Abound!

Hello one and all! We interrupt our regular broadcast of flaming zombies attacking London with an important news bulletin: It's birthday season! One month ago our little Freya turned TWO!! Her wonderfully mischievous personality has really continued to blossom in the past couple of months.  She's kind of into foxes, so my mum and I made her a fox cake for her birthday:  Man, they grow up so fast! And just yesterday (as I write this) we celebrated my daughter Saoirse's FOURTH birthday (which was actually a couple of weeks ago). She said that she wanted a princess cake, so I went to work and produced this: Seeing her little face light up with excitement, and having her say "my princess cake is exactly what I wanted!" really made my day! Saoirse's birthday party was kind of an important landmark for Jules (my wife) and I too; it was our first time hosting a big party at our house. We had about 40 people (between adults and kids) and the whole thing went off witho

"Fire, Fire Burning Bright" - Flaming Zombies - Part 2

What the hammer? what the chain, In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? what dread grasp. Dare its deadly terrors clasp? The Tyger - William Blake Hello one and all and welcome back to The Art of Caesura! I hope you're all well! I am very slightly under the weather (antigen negative) but in high spirits. Last week we looked at painting these fun miniatures from The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch, today we shall see them emerging from the dark. The black background really brings the flames to life!  I really like these models! I love their jaunty angles and small details like the moustache and pocket-watch.   I hope you enjoyed checking out these guys as much as I enjoyed painting them.  See you next week on The Art of Caesura! Gaming: Boltgun Watching: Dune (again) Next Week: Birthdays abound!

"Fire in the Disco" - Flaming Zombies - Part 1

Don't you wanna know how we keep startin' fires? It's my desire. - Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six Welcome back to The Art of Caesura! For almost the past month, I have been in my hometown of Victoria, Canada for my brother's wedding. It was a wonderful event and our trip was a much needed respite from the daily doldrums - to which I have now returned!    Anyway, for a further excursion from the daily grind, let's take a look at today's models: World of Smog's Flaming Zombies! Last week marked a bit of a return to the miniatures of The Rise of Moloch (the second game under The World of Smog banner). I love dipping back into these models from time to time because they are suffused with such character and paint up very quickly.  I previously painted up the Dismembered Zombies and the Beefeater Zombies , so now it was time for the flaming variety.  I painted all 5 of these guys at once, and for expediency sake, I just kept them all the same colour scheme.