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"Altdorf Acolytes" - Blood Bowl Human Team - Part I

Although Human teams do not have the individual strengths 
or outstanding abilities available to other races, 
they do not suffer from any outstanding weakness either. 
This makes Human teams extremely flexible, 
equally at home running the ball, passing it, 
or ignoring it and pounding the opposition into the turf instead!

- Blood Bowl Rule Book

Hello sports fans!! Welcome to an action-packed week on The Art of Caesura!

After years of owning the game and playing it with my wife, I've finally painted my first Blood Bowl team!! I've previously posted about how I made all my Blood Bowl bases as well as the Halfling and Goblin Refs, but now it's time to look at my first painted team: the humans. 

Painting 12 models at once was quite an undertaking for me and has happily occupied me for the past few weeks. Today we'll look at the kit-bashing and painting of these models and next week we'll do a showcase of the completed team. And we're off!

The box-set comes with 6 pairs of …
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"Sleeping in Limbo" - Lamias

Two thousand years ago these Vestals
were chosen from among the first daughters
of the highest patricians of ancient Tyr
to serve as sacrifices to Great Moloch.

- Cool Mini or Not

Ooogie boogie booooo!! Welcome to a ghostly post on The Art of Caesura!!

After Beefeater Zombies and then Dismembered Zombies, this week we're moving away from rotting flesh, but keeping in the undead spectrum. Today I have The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch's Lamias to show you.

I was familiar with the term Lamia (or Lahmia) from Games Workshop's acrylic medium "Lahmian Medium", and figured it had ghostly connotations, but on further research (i.e. wikidoodle), it turns out:

Lamia, in ancient Greek mythology, was a woman who became a child-eating monster after her children were destroyed by Hera, who learned of her husband Zeus' trysts with her. Hera also afflicted Lamia with sleeplessness so she would anguish constantly, but Zeus gave her the ability to remove her own eyes.

it goes on to sa…